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We are currently looking for select small and micro capitalized public companies, to help get your story heard. We specialize in mining and energy exploration, and tech, at various project stages. We prefer long-term client relationships that afford us and our network the time and effort to thoroughly get to know your company properly.

Only Featured Stocks get full network distribution, plus: News syndication, featured headlines, member News by Email, Stock Profile, Newsletter updates, Upgraded Detailed Quote page, linked Company Name on all pages, Tweets & Video Webcasts, Top 30 Small Caps status, Forums, linked Banners & Logos etc. Your linked symbol and stock quote is seen in every members' daily emailed portfolios under How our Featured Stocks traded today. We even have a My IR Info page to provide you the user's contact information, comments and requests. The finer details:

Syndicated Blog: More than a Blogger Social Site, RSS news feeds provide our Newsletters, Featured Stock Profiles, Guru Trader Tweets & Videos, your videos and news releases etc. to our online content syndication partners. They only accept authoritative content from editorially-selected publishers, including Investors Guru and the top newswires. See the previous page for their partial distribution list.

News Headlines: Featured Stocks most recent news headlines are updated as released, then prominently made available on our homepage and Social Media Network, plus always available on your Upgraded Detailed Quote page - News and Media section. Clicking your news headline pops up a window that instantly displays your full news release, plus value-added convenience icons to adjust the font size, display or not display your interactive chart, and to print or email your news release.

News by Email: All members receive your company's News by Email by default - unless they later login and deselect it. The News by Email page is also a splash page showing every Featured Stock's symbol, company name, slogan, Stock Profile title and Logo Banner Quote. Please notify us as soon as your news is released, so we can send your News by Email to our members and make it available on our Social Media Network.

Stock Profile: Our comprehensive review of your company includes your stock quote and chart, share details, recent news headlines, business details, key management bio, financial summary, our comments and observations, contact information, supporting links, image maps, product pictures etc. Before publishing we ask you to review for any material errors, omissions or inaccuracies. Your profile is emailed to all members in rich HTML, then prominently made available on our homepage and Social Media Network, plus always available on our Reports (Featured Stocks Profiles) page - with the release date, stock symbol, company name, slogan, profile title, and your Logo Banner Quote.

Newsletter: Investors Guru Small Cap Stock Observer touches on everything from macroeconomics, politics, wealth management ideas, market trends and commodities, to specific stock updates. Featured Stocks are mentioned with related news or compelling stock trading action. Our monthly newsletter is emailed to all members in rich HTML, then prominently made available on our homepage and Social Media Network, plus always available on our Reports (Our Newsletters) page.

Upgraded Detailed Quote: Our portal to everything about your company! Displayed when users submit your stock symbol, or click on your banners or quote links throughout our website, emails and Social Network. Most financial sites require users to click endlessly for tidbits of information, in order to generate more advertising page views. All from one page, users now can quickly view your company's: detailed stock quotes, charts, news releases, level II depth, option chains, company info, financial reports, insider trades, exchange filings, analyst ratings, earnings estimates and historical data. Your Upgraded Detail Quote page is customized at the top to include your website linked Banner, plus various high profile links to: Watch Your Company's CEO Video, Get Your Company's News by Email - as released, Read about Your Company - Featured Stock Profile, View Your Company's Forum - join the discussion, etc.

Company Name: Displayed on all of our site pages, listed in the near-top left-column under Featured Stocks as a text link to your Upgraded Detailed Quote page. The Featured Stocks link itself goes to our News by Email splash page, to encourage member signups and to receive your News by Email. Your company's name and quote link is also prominently placed throughout our Social Media Network.

Tweets & Videos: Many view or subscribe at to receive our daily Guru Trader Tweets of 5 to 7 breakout stocks - for their PC, BlackBerry and other mobile devices in real-time. Guru Trader Videos go into these stocks later in more detail, with charts and news etc. We also tweet (and mention in our videos) Featured Stock updates with links to announce 'Your Company is now an Investors Guru Featured Stock', news releases, reports, CEO videos etc. All of our Tweets & Videos are available throughout our Global Media Network.

Webcasts: Your company's videos are uploaded, converted, SEO tagged, described, and added to playlists, at our Small Cap Stock TV channels, and made available at over 30 of the top video podcasting sites (click YouTube etc. on the previous page). We also embed your videos into our CEO Videos page and our Syndicated Blog, and feature them on our homepage, your Upgraded Detailed Quote page and throughout our Social Media Network. A recent project update video is highly recommended, to grab attention and make the right first impression. However, this is only effective if your target audience knows about, can discover easily, and watches - that's what our Global Media Network is all about!

Top 30 Stocks: Featured Stocks become part of our closely followed Top 30 Small Caps, with links to your Upgraded Detailed Quote page and your company's website. Our ranking methodology is subjective; a combination of gut-feel based on stock trading action and expected developments, to a company's in-favour or out-of-favour current market trend, to fundamental characteristics compared to peer stocks.

Forums: Logged-in members may post at our Featured Stocks & Special Topics Forums, or All Stocks Bulletin Boards. Many more site visitors browse these discussion boards. All Stocks Bulletin Boards have only one discussion thread per company, like at other sites. However, Featured Stocks Forums are more organized, with several helpful topic discussions that can be seen at a glance. Participants can then focus on specific aspects of your company such as: recent news releases, reports, property details, nearby exploration, production, product development, patents, proprietary technology, new contracts, financials, funding, filings etc. Your Upgraded Detailed Quote page has a link to your Featured Stock Forum, and most recent posts are shown on our homepage. Our Java Forums include superior functioning and experience features such as: avatars, polls, karma message and user ratings, emoticons, profiles, ranks, attachments, search, bookmarks, RSS syndication, HTML and BBcode support etc. We monitor Featured Stocks Forums to try and prevent spam, abuse or personal attacks.

Banners & Logo Banner Quote: Featured Stocks Banners are seen in rotation at the top of all quote pages; but only your company's banner is ever seen on your own quote page. Banners are linked to your Upgraded Detailed Quote page, or from there to your website. We also prominently display your company's Logo Banner Quote on our homepage, News by Email and Featured Stocks Profiles pages.

My Preferences: This free value added content encourages site visitors to signup. Registered members can then login to view, edit and select when to be emailed, their portfolio, watchlist and stock price alerts. Your Featured Stock symbol and quote information is displayed as samples, and also emailed daily under 'How our Featured Stocks traded today:' - with links provided to your Upgraded Detailed Quote page.

My IR Info: Featured Stocks IR reps have asked for more direct contact with our members and site visitors - without violating our Privacy Policy. This voluntary contact form first provides links to your: Upgraded Detailed Quote page, website, IR email address, IR rep name, and two phone numbers. The form below this contains all the user's contact information, comments and requests. This is a quick and convenient way to make new contacts, to receive your company's investor package, newsletter, events calendar, Q&A etc.

Internet Technology: We stay on top of the newest web-based IT, maintaining our (and your) high profile small cap stock SEO listings. We are always looking for innovative ways to expand our content, network, distribution, traffic and membership, for both our clients and members.


We look forward to reviewing your company's details and answering any questions. We realize that timelines, budgets and other parameters vary, and we'll do our best to accommodate. Our services typically are contracted at a competitive flat monthly fee for a fixed term. Please email with the name, exchange, and symbol of your company, and your contact information, and we will contact you by phone or email ASAP.

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