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Does your company's growth story need more of the right exposure? How can you affordably make your company standout amongst thousands of similar small caps, plus large caps that already receive brokerage analyst coverage?

Since 1995, long-term investors to short-term traders alike look to and our small-cap reports for timely updates about interesting momentum plays, value stocks, and exciting new growth stories. Early on we embraced the many advantages of ever evolving Internet Technologies, and today the Investors Guru Global Media Network is unsurpassed in reaching small-cap investors everywhere.

Our recently upgraded website, and email publications, have always enjoyed highly placed SEO listings for small cap stock related terms at all major search engines. Well-established IT roots, we are actively growing our network and content breadth, provided wherever, whenever, however and on whatever, software or device is desired. The buzzwords are Web 2.0, Social Media, Blogging, Podcasting and Mobile apps. etc. We do all of that and in a word, as you will see, our network is... VAST!

Authoritative Content Syndication

We have partnered with the major online content syndicator of editorially-selected news, blogs, tweets and video podcasts. They only accept authoritative content from the top publishers, including Investors Guru and:

Investors Guru Content Distribution

Following is a partial list of distributors that have access to all of our reports and webcasts via On Demand Content Feeds, including Investors Guru Small Cap Stock Observer newsletters, Featured Stock Profiles, Guru Trader Tweets & Videos, CEO Videos and ticker driven news updates:

Investors Guru Social Media Network

Years ago we provided our Daily Hot New Traders to paid email subscribers and 900 phone callers. Today this is free, in our daily Guru Trader Tweets & Videos of 5 to 7 breakout stocks, for our extensive Social Network. All of our reports and news updates get posted, synced, shared, uploaded, embedded, bookmarked, followed, friended or subscribed at many InvestorsGuru small-cap stock communities including:

Follow InvestorsGuru on Twitter

Major financial portals follow our live content feeds. When a dollar sign preceeds any stock mentioned in our Twitter stream, simply quote that symbol to see our tweet posted at: CNNMoney - Messages, The Globe and Mail - Live Discussion, Reuters - Social Pulse, The Street - Ideas, Yahoo Finance - Market Pulse, and more.


Investors Guru Small Cap Stock TV Network

Our daily Guru Trader Videos, your CEO Videos, and other small-cap video or audio content is uploaded to the top webcast sites, that also host Small Cap Stock TV channels. Format conversions are made, making our content further available almost anywhere imaginable. and many other sites embed our videos, while others like iTunes pull our RSS XML podcast feeds. Access via on-demand play or subscription download is free and flexible, on a wide variety of software platforms, mobile devices, and websites:

Investors Guru Featured Stocks

Investors Guru is currently looking for new clients with compelling stock ideas to share with our network - as one of our Featured Stocks. We establish your company's presence on all our sites, and then research and compile your comprehensive Stock Profile that is featured throughout our entire network. Members know that we closely follow our Featured Stocks, with continual news and trading updates.

Quality and timely content is key to Investors Guru, its clients and members. We write informative and insightful small-cap newsletters, Featured Stock Profiles, daily Guru Trader Tweets & Videos, and distribute all of this with your releases, CEO Videos etc. We strive to continually present your details via Investors Guru's Global Media Network in a balanced and meaningful way - towards knowing all about your company.

If this seems like a fit with your investor relations support objectives, please email . After an initial company review we can discuss your needs and our services further, and any mutual interest in Investors Guru following your company as one of our Featured Stocks.

Also read Corporate Services - Details for the many specific ways we highlight, raise awareness, and add value to your company's brand and message on a regular ongoing basis.

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