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Today's Hot Stocks are based on algorithmic and subjective filtering updated during regular market hours. Our proprietary method uses software to scan, cross-reference and rank thousands of stocks instantly. From these top Volume Actives, % Gainers, $ Gainers and 52-Week Highs, we then look for technically constructive chart trends, and recent news-flow to explain the activity. News releases provide our company description and an idea if additional news is expected, e.g. buyouts and mergers are excluded as usually one-time events, whereas fundamental updates about a product patent or drug approval, or a mining company's drill program can play for months and ranks higher.

15:23 Aug 8, (V.PEO) People Corp. $7.89 +$0.14 +2% 17K - TSXV Mid-Day Top 10: $ Gainer
Canada wide provider of group benefits, group retirement and human resource services: acquisition of Silverberg Group & $35M $7.70/share bought deal; solid Q3 organic growth
V.PEO Last $8.470 $0.060 0.71% Vol 188.87k Open $8.35 Hi $8.50 Lo $8.35 YH $8.50 YL $6.50 MCap 469.34m  CDX
14:27 Aug 8, (T.WEED; CGC) Canopy Growth Corp. $35.66 +$1.40 +4% 3.1M - TSX Mid-Day Top 10: Volume Active
A world-leading diversified cannabis co.: clinical trial approval to use cannabis to treat anxiety in certain animals; Q1 Aug. 14; completes acquisition of Canopy Health Innovations
T.WEED Last $64.460 ($3.110) -4.60% Vol 3.95m Open $65.49 Hi $66.65 Lo $63.85 YH $74.45 YL $10.22 MCap 14.73b  TSX
13:59 Aug 8, (ENDP) Endo International plc $16.29 +$3.64 +29% 21M - NASDAQ Mid-Day Top 10: Vol. Active, % Gainer, 52-Wk High
Fully integrated specialty pharma with extensive ophthalmic and injectable products: exclusive licensing agreement with Nevakar for five 505(b)(2) injectables; Q2 ups guidance
ENDP Last $16.120 ($0.230) -1.41% Vol 4.65m Open $16.16 Hi $16.43 Lo $16.08 YH $17.46 YL $5.27 MCap 3.61b  NGS
12:23 Aug 8, (RLH) Red Lions Hotels Corp. $12.72 +$0.07 +1% 56K - NYSE Mid-Day Top 10: New High
Franchises, manages & owns upscale, midscale & economy hotels: Q2 Aug. 9; adds deep/diverse industry & financial experience to board; franchiseasy website recognized
RLH Last $12.900 ($0.150) -1.15% Vol 67.18k Open $13.00 Hi $13.45 Lo $12.90 YH $14.75 YL $7.95 MCap 313.14m  NYE
12:23 Aug 8, (BOOT) Boot Barn Holdings Inc. $26.34 +$3.11 +13% 1.6M - NYSE Mid-Day Top 10: % Gainer, 52-Week High
Leading lifestyle retailer of western/work footwear, apparel & accessories, 232 stores in 31 states: Q1 sales $162M +16.2%, net inc. $6.8M vs. $0.8M, EPS $0.24 vs. $0.03
BOOT Last $27.710 ($0.500) -1.77% Vol 1.54m Open $28.42 Hi $28.64 Lo $27.64 YH $31.62 YL $7.37 MCap 775.76m  NYE
12:23 Aug 8, (VSI) Vitamin Shoppe Inc. $10.39 +$2.29 +28% 1.3M - NYSE Mid-Day Top 10: % Gainer, 52-Week High
Omni-channel, specialty retailer of nutritional products: Q2 sales -1.1%, digital +36.9%, repurchases $29.9M convertible debt, GAAP EPS $0.22, adj. EPS $0.31
VSI Last $11.200 ($0.500) -4.27% Vol 2.2m Open $11.70 Hi $12.00 Lo $11.05 YH $13.95 YL $2.95 MCap 269.39m  NYE
12:23 Aug 8, (DDD) 3D Systems Corp. $17.65 +$4.08 +30% 14M - NYSE Mid-Day Top 10: Vol. Active, % Gainer, 52-Wk High
3D products & services: 3D printers/materials, on demand manufacturing & digital design tools: Q2 revenue +11% $176.6M vs. $159.5M, generated $10.7M to now $119.3M cash
DDD Last $18.850 ($0.490) -2.53% Vol 2.97m Open $19.32 Hi $19.71 Lo $18.75 YH $21.78 YL $7.92 MCap 2.15b  NYE
13:02 Jul 12, (V.ICO; ICOTF) iCo Therapeutics Inc. $0.235 +$0.02 +9% 11M - TSXV Mid-Day Top 10: Vol. Leader, 52-Wk High
Id's development assets in underserved ocular/infectious diseases, (NASDAQ:IMNP) license: positive clinical outcome, primary endpoint met in phase 1 oral Amphotericin B study
V.ICO Last $0.100 $0.000 0.00% Vol 399.5k Open $0.10 Hi $0.11 Lo $0.10 YH $0.28 YL $0.03 MCap 8.45m  CDX
13:36 Jul 12, (I) Intelsat S.A. $19.24 +$1.80 +10% 4.2M - NYSE Mid-Day Top 10: % Gainer
World's first globalized network: partners with Eutelsat and SES in U.S. re: C-band video & data transmissions and support accelerated 5G rollout by mobile operators
I Last $22.530 ($0.170) -0.75% Vol 2.72m Open $22.72 Hi $22.78 Lo $21.80 YH $25.21 YL $2.44 MCap 3.08b  NYE
13:28 Jul 5, (UUUU; T.EFR) Energy Fuels Inc. $2.53 +$0.20 +9% 1M - AMEX Mid-Day Top 10: % Gainer, 52-Week High
Uranium with Vanadium mines producing, on standby, and various stages in western U.S.: advancing V activities, strengthens cash; added to Russell 3000 Index
UUUU Last $3.230 ($0.070) -2.12% Vol 1.41m Open $3.29 Hi $3.32 Lo $3.20 YH $3.64 YL $1.30 MCap 283.5m  AMX

Our daily Hot Sheet focuses on small to mid-cap stocks with a market capitalization of less than $1 billion, although lower-priced larger-cap stocks sometimes qualify. Please keep in mind that while a Trend Trader might believe that a stock in motion tends to stay in motion, a Short Trader or Market Maker might instead argue that what goes up must come down. Consult with a professional; do your homework first—Submit any ticker symbol for quotes, java charts, research, news, or to comment/share, or click a stock's quote link above.

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