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Today's Hot Stocks are based on algorithmic and subjective filtering updated during regular market hours. Our proprietary method uses software to scan, cross-reference and rank thousands of stocks instantly. From these top Volume Actives, % Gainers, $ Gainers and 52-Week Highs, we then look for technically constructive chart trends, and recent news-flow to explain the activity. News releases provide our company description and an idea if additional news is expected, e.g. buyouts and mergers are excluded as usually one-time events, whereas fundamental updates about a product patent or drug approval, or a mining company's drill program can play for months and ranks higher.

15:50 Fri, (V.BTR; BONXF) BonTerra Resources Inc. $0.66 +$0.05 +8% 1.1M - TSXV Mid-Day Top 10: Vol. Active, 52-Wk High
Recent News: BonTerra Resources, high-grade gold Urban-Barry Que. and Larder Lake Ont., Gladiator Deposit's new Barbeau Zone 1.9m 22.2 g/t Au; Main Zone 9.4m 8.2 g/t Au
V.BTR Last $0.660 $0.050 8.20% Vol 1.13m Open $0.64 Hi $0.68 Lo $0.60 YH $0.70 YL $0.21 MCap 125.42m  CDX
15:50 Fri, (V.RTI; RDDTF) Radient Technologies Inc. $1.11 +$0.01 +1% 4M - TSXV Mid-Day Top 10: Volume Active
Recent News: Radient Technologies, extracts natural compounds from biological materials, signs master services agreement with (V.ACB; ACBFF) Aurora Cannabis
V.RTI Last $1.120 $0.020 1.82% Vol 4.1m Open $1.05 Hi $1.20 Lo $1.00 YH $1.37 YL $0.13 MCap 212.62m  CDX
15:26 Fri, (V.OLA; ORRLF) Orla Mining Ltd. $1.40 +$0.04 +3% 188K - TSXV Mid-Day Top 10: Volume Active
Today's News: Orla Mining hits more sulphide Cu-Au and oxide gold at Cerro Quema project Panama; completes acquisition of Camino Rojo project from (T.G; GG) Goldcorp
V.OLA Last $1.450 $0.090 6.62% Vol 193.28k Open $1.36 Hi $1.45 Lo $1.36 YH $1.50 YL $1.04 MCap 232.41m  CDX
15:32 Fri, (T.ONC; ONCYF) Oncolytics Biotech Inc. $0.74 +$0.17 +30% 3.8M - TSX Mid-Day Top 10: Vol. Active, % Gainer
Today's News: Oncolytics Biotech, focuses on oncolytic viruses as potential cancer therapeutics, US$86.6M reg. licensing agreement with Adlai Nortye for REOLYSIN
T.ONC Last $0.770 $0.200 35.09% Vol 3.88m Open $0.71 Hi $0.86 Lo $0.68 YH $1.13 YL $0.19 MCap 108.32m  TSX
15:17 Fri, (T.APH; APHQF) Aphria Inc. $8.75 +$0.15 +2% 3.1M - TSX Mid-Day Top 10: Volume Active
Recent News: Aphria, of Canada's leading and lowest cost medical cannabis producers, Nov. 7 closes $92M equity financing for ~12.6M shares sold at C$7.25 per share
T.APH Last $8.860 $0.260 3.02% Vol 3.37m Open $8.16 Hi $8.95 Lo $8.13 YH $9.48 YL $4.05 MCap 1.34b  TSX
15:19 Fri, (T.WEED; TWMJF) Canopy Growth Corp. $18.37 +$1.11 +6% 8M - TSX Mid-Day Top 10: Vol. Active, $ Gainer
Today's News: Canopy Growth, a world-leading diversified cannabis company, new collaboration joins three of the world's most influential cannabis businesses
T.WEED Last $18.450 $1.190 6.89% Vol 8.69m Open $17.07 Hi $19.00 Lo $16.72 YH $21.72 YL $6.58 MCap 3.51b  TSX
13:21 Fri, (APPS) Digital Turbine Inc. $1.73 +$0.08 +5% 589K - NASDAQ Mid-Day Top 10: 52-Week High
Recent News: Digital Turbine, empowering global OEMs with end-to-end mobile solutions, Q2 revenue $27.9M driven by 61% O&O growth as mobile delivery platform expands
APPS Last $1.760 $0.110 6.67% Vol 1.12m Open $1.67 Hi $1.79 Lo $1.63 YH $1.79 YL $0.59 MCap 126.13m  NSC
14:40 Fri, (MU) Micron Technology Inc. $46.11 -$0.06 -1% 17M - NASDAQ Mid-Day Top 10: Volume Active
Recent News: Micron Technology, a global semiconductor leader, presenting at upcoming investor events; advances persistent Memory with 32GB NVDIMM
MU Last $46.160 ($0.020) -0.04% Vol 22.61m Open $46.54 Hi $46.55 Lo $45.73 YH $46.55 YL $18.18 MCap 53.23b  NGS
15:02 Fri, (TREE) LendingTree Inc. $289.00 +$9.60 +3% 252K - NASDAQ Mid-Day Top 10: $ Gainer, New High
Recent News: LendingTree, nation's leading online home loan offer source, holiday shopping survey suggests bigger budgets, selfless spending and mobile shopping parents
TREE Last $290.100 $10.700 3.83% Vol 332.44k Open $280.05 Hi $292.40 Lo $279.00 YH $292.40 YL $96.20 MCap 3.47b  NGS
13:17 Fri, (PTN) Palatin Technologies Inc. $0.87 +$0.03 +4% 1.7M - AMEX Mid-Day Top 10: Volume Active
Recent News: Palatin Technologies, biopharm developing targeted, receptor-specific peptide therapeutics, Q1/FY2018: $10.6M or $0.05/share net inc. vs. 2016 $13.1M net loss
PTN Last $0.868 $0.030 3.52% Vol 2.28m Open $0.84 Hi $0.87 Lo $0.82 YH $0.90 YL $0.29 MCap 165.19m  AMX
13:03 Fri, (NAK; T.NDM) Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd. $2.17 -$0.05 -2% 2.4M - AMEX Mid-Day Top 10: Volume Active
Recent News: Northern Dynasty Minerals, 100% Alaska's Pebble: world's largest copper AND gold deposits, notable VP ext affairs/senior tech hires; outlines current dev scenarios
NAK Last $2.120 ($0.100) -4.50% Vol 4.56m Open $2.18 Hi $2.21 Lo $2.11 YH $3.45 YL $1.06 MCap 644.52m  AMX
12:38 Fri, (ANF) Abercrombie & Fitch Co. $15.52 +$2.97 +24% 12.7M - NYSE Mid-Day Top 10: % Gainer
Today's News: Abercrombie & Fitch, 125-yr. specialty retailer with 900 apparel/accessories stores, Q3 results: sales +5% with Hollister +10% as strategic initiatives gain traction
ANF Last $15.550 $3.000 23.90% Vol 18.46m Open $15.58 Hi $16.19 Lo $14.71 YH $16.36 YL $8.81 MCap 1.06b  NYE

Our daily Hot Sheet focuses on small to mid-cap stocks with a market capitalization of less than $1 billion, although lower-priced larger-cap stocks sometimes qualify. Please keep in mind that while a Trend Trader might believe that a stock in motion tends to stay in motion, a Short Trader or Market Maker might instead argue that what goes up must come down. Consult with a professional; do your homework first—Submit any ticker symbol for quotes, java charts, research, news, or to comment/share, or click a stock's quote link above.

Please note that nothing in this report should be taken as a recommendation in any way, and that everything from is subject to the terms of our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.

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