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To research any security, Submit any valid ticker symbol to our Detailed Quote Portal at the top-left of all of our webpages.

For Canadian Symbols, simply add :CA or alternatively precede it with T. or V. for the TSX/TSXV respectively. Other non-US tickers end with :LN for the LSE London, :PA for Paris, :FF for Frankfurt, :AU Australia etc. For specific stock exchanges, instead of the country identifier, end the ticker with: :CNX for CNSX, :PUR for PURE, :APH for ALPHA, :OMG for OMEGA, :CHI for CHIX etc.

For help, click symbol lookup to search all publicly traded securities worldwide, and for their proper ticker syntax. This is especially helpful to find ticker symbols for: Stocks, ETFs, Options, Indices, Mutual Funds, Forex, Futures, Warrants, Units, Rights etc. For example, preferred shares end with .PR and then .X, with X representing the series (letter or number). You can search by security name or symbol, instrument and country. The symbol lookup popup window also has a Symbol Help link for even more detail.

Submit any valid ticker symbol to our Detailed Quote Portal. You will then see 12 Indepth Research Tabs at the top:

  1. The Markets tab shows a quick Market Update (Diary, News, Indices, Movers), with links to Indices (US & Canadian), Market Movers (Volume Actives, $ Gainers, $ Decliners, % Gainers, % Decliners), and World (over 30 Asia Pacific and Europe Exchanges).
  2. The Quote tab shows what you first see when quoting a ticker, its Detailed Quotes and Chart, and a News and Media section of News Releases and Online Publications (click to pop-up and read), plus our Bulletin Board for that ticker to read and post comments.
  3. The Trades tab shows your ticker's Time & Sales, and an Intraday Chart.
  4. The Options tab has filters to select your ticker's Puts and Calls, plus links to Option Chain, Most Actives, Show Greeks.
  5. The Chart tab provides Line, OHLC, Candle, Area charts from Intraday to 10 years. You can Save Basic Chart Setting and there's a Java Chart link with Settings of various technical Indicators, Comparisons and to print a chart.
  6. The News tab views News by date, with links to Online Publications and various SEC Filings, Reports, Statements, Insider Transactions.
  7. The Company tab is a Profile with a Business Description, Details, Contact Information, Industry Classifications, and links to various Share Information and Key Ratios.
  8. The Financial tab shows Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow, both Annual and Quarterly.
  9. The Insiders tab shows Insider Trades Filings, Form 144 Proposed Sales, Section 16 Filings, All Insiders Activity.
  10. The Analyst tab shows the Consensus Rating Average, Scale, Details, Industry Comparison, Analyst Recommendations and History.
  11. The Earnings tab shows the Current Target Price and History, Consensus EPS Estimates Trend and Earnings Surprise.
  12. The Historical tab shows the Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, $ Change, % Change and Adjusted Closing prices for your date range.

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Markets & Commodities Research

For the market pulse of stocks worldwide, mouse-over our Markets menu to: Market Update and Market Movers, a snapshot of all major North American indices, and their most active stocks. For over 50 US, Canadian, Asia Pacific and European Indices, select World Indices.

To learn all about natural resources and materials, minerals and metals, and energy, from small cap exploration stocks to major producers, mouse-over our Research menu for 8 investor essential commodities pages: Gold; Silver; Platinum Group (Ruthenium, Rhodium, Palladium, Osmium, Iridium, Platinum); Rare Earths (All 17 REEs, plus Strategic Metals); Base Metals (Copper, Lead, Nickel, Zinc, and others); Oil; Other Energy (Natural Gas, Coal, Nuclear (Uranium), and Renewables); and Diamond & Gems (Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald etc.).

These pages provide a wealth of background information, investment ideas, charts and images, data tables and more. For your convenience, we have also added company website links and stock-quote links that open new tabs, to help you quickly drill-down your research further - for any of the hundreds of small and large cap companies mentioned throughout these pages.

For long-term value investing, "the Buffett Way", as opposed to just short-term speculative trend trading, you will know more about commodities than most stock brokers after reading these pages.

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