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Resource: Exploration , Development , Production of
Gold , Silver , Platinum , Palladium , Other Precious Metals ,
Copper , Zinc , Nickel , Iron , Other Base Metals ,
Oil or Gas , Coal , Uranium , Alternative Energy , Other Energy ,
Diamonds or Gems , Rare Earth Elements , Potash , Timber , Other Resources , with
Projects in: N. Amercia , S. America , Europe , Africa , Asia , Australia (none or all = anywhere)
  for these small-cap resource stocks
Non-Resource: Technology , Healthcare , Chemicals , Food , Financial ,
Wholesale , Retail , Marketing , Services , Entertainment ,
Education , Manufacturing , Transportation , Other Non-Resource
  for these non-resource small-cap stocks
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QuoteMedia Inc. $0.09 $0.008 103.99k 8.05m
Contact: Dave Shworan (877) 311-9911 x101
Technology, Financial Services, software developer, streaming data feed syndication solutions. Licenses interactive stock research tools, real-time quotes, market research, news, charts, options, filings, insider reports, indices, portfolio mgmt systems

* It's Free to add or update any small cap stock into Investors Guru Small Cap Directory! One caveat, market capitalization must be under $500 million. The company's IR Rep. simply needs to email with the Company Name, Stock Symbol, Contact Name, Email Address and Phone Number, plus all relevant Keywords from the Search choices above. You may also provide additional descriptive keywords that are more specific to your company. Hint: your project's country, state and property names, funding or sales reported, key people or partners, patents etc. We add your additional keywords to the company's description in the same order received, until space is no longer available.

* Caution: We try, but directory information may still be incorrect, incomplete or out of date. Confirm everything first with the listed company.

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