Palisade Research - Wed, Aug 24, 2016

Too Much Money, Not Enough Gold

picture of a US $100 dollar bill printing press

The gold to monetary base ratio is at an all-time low. And before anyone says monetary base growth is not necessarily bad if the economy is growing, the velocity of money is also at an all-time low.

January 1959 to present chart of Gold to Money Supply Ratio & M2 Velocity

The velocity of money is the rate that money is exchanged from one transaction to another. It measures how much money is used in a given period of time, usually calculated by dividing a country's GNP by the total supply of money. The higher the number is, the more robust the economy is.

For the last eight years, the United States Government has been printing money at an unprecedented rate and just by looking at the chart, something has to give. It's obvious the United States' economy is not healthy, and cannot be propped by the Feds forever.

If the gold to monetary base ratio were to revert back to its median, using today's money supply we calculate a gold price of $3,770 per ounce. Let's go gold. publishes interesting contributor articles in addition to its own content. We have not verified any of the above details.

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