Guru Filtered Mid-Day Market Movers - Today's Small Cap Hot Sheet
14:31 Thu, (V.BLT) Brilliant Resources $0.155 +$0.05 +48% 4.5M - TSXV Mid-Day Top 10: Vol. Leader, 52-Week High
Today's News: Brilliant Resources, focused on metals and O&G in West-Central Africa & Canada, Announces Agreement with the Government of Equatorial Guinea
Last $0.18 $0.010 5.88% Vol 3.33m Open $0.16 Hi $0.18 Lo $0.14 MCap 26.9m
14:31 Thu, (CRIS) Curis $1.69 +$0.26 +18% 2M - NASDAQ Mid-Day Top 10: % Gainer
Today's News: Curis, a biotech focused on novel drugs to treat cancer, to collaborate with Aurigene on Small Molecule Antagonists for Immuno/Precision Oncology Targets
Last $1.84 ($0.020) -1.08% Vol 582.05k Open $1.90 Hi $1.92 Lo $1.81 MCap 158.25m
14:31 Thu, (NERV) Minerva Neurosciences $5.03 +$0.66 +15% 1.7M - NASDAQ Mid-Day Top 10: % Gainer
Today's News: Minerva Neurosciences Positive Phase 1 Data With MIN-202, Selective Orexin-2 Antagonist for Treatment of Sleep Disorders Incl. Primary & Comorbid Insomnia
Last $4.38 ($0.210) -4.58% Vol 63.45k Open $4.56 Hi $4.58 Lo $4.32 MCap 80.76m
13:53 Thu, (MEA) Metalico $0.55 +$0.10 +22% 1.7M - AMEX Mid-Day Top 10: Volume Active, % Gainer
Recent News: Metalico, which recycles scrap metal and fabricates lead-based products, Dec. 10 names new director; Dec. 2 Sells Lead Division for $31.3 million cash
Last $0.582 ($0.023) -3.80% Vol 398.7k Open $0.61 Hi $0.62 Lo $0.55 MCap 33.94m
13:53 Thu, (NNVC) NanoViricides $2.89 +$0.35 +14% 489K - AMEX Mid-Day Top 10: % Gainer
Today's News: NanoViricides, developing nanomedicine anti-viral drugs, Has Shipped anti-Ebola Drug Candidates For Testing to a BSL-4 Hi-Security Biocontainment Lab
Last $2.60 ($0.090) -3.35% Vol 114.49k Open $2.69 Hi $2.76 Lo $2.59 MCap 151.64m
14:24 Tue, (V.PHM) Patient Home Monitoring $1.00 +$0.01 +1% 3.1M - TSXV Mid-Day Top 10: Vol. Active, New High
Recent News: Patient Home Monitoring, an acquisition-oriented, fast-growing and profitable home monitoring co., staffing/BOD changes; 2015 plan; $2.25M acquisition LOI
Last $0.98 ($0.020) -2.00% Vol 3.88m Open $1.01 Hi $1.02 Lo $0.94 MCap 200.2m
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