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Guru Frosh

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First I'll explain what they are, who they're for, where to get them, when they're sent, and how they may help traders.

Guru Trader Tweets are a daily snapshot of 5 to 7 very active stocks. Investors Guru signed-up members who are day traders may want to add these stocks to their My Preferences - My Watchlist & Alerts radar.

Guru Trader Videos simply go into these stocks in more detail later that day, showing their stock charts, recent news headlines and noting when and at what prices we tweeted these stocks in the past etc.

We simply track low-price stocks that are trading up significantly on very high volume, and making 52-Week Highs marked as YH, or New Highs marked as NH - without any consideration of company fundamentals. This is only meant as a starting point for further research with your financial advisors and we do not endorse these stocks in any way.

We send these tweets usually once per trading day, Monday to Friday - mid-day after the markets have been trading a few hours, but before the close. Sign-up for Free at Twitter.com/InvestorsGuru to receive our tweets in real-time at your PC email, BlackBerry, cell phone text or other mobile devices. You can also view our latest tweet on our home page, or all of them at our Twitter profile - which also has an RSS feed.

Our videos are uploaded to our Small Cap Stock TV channels at the top video websites, see YouTube.com/InvestorsGuru, InvestorsGuru.Blip.TV, DailyMotion.com/InvestorsGuru and others. We embed and feature these videos on our homepage, Our Videos page and our Blog. Over 30 other top video sites embed or make our videos available via RSS XML podcast feeds such as iTunes.

Some active traders prefer to know a few stocks really well, and just stick to trading these few stocks. Other traders are always looking for new stocks on the move - but how do you find these stocks? Guru Trader Tweet is meant to help you save time:

We start with today's list of so called Market Movers from the TSX Venture, TSX, Pink Sheets, OTC Bulletin Board, Nasdaq, Amex and NYSE. From these top Volume Actives, Percent Gainers and Dollar Gainers, we look for chart uptrends (today, 5-day, 1-month, 3-month, 1-year, 5-year, 10-year). Low priced stocks that are making 52-Week Highs or New Highs on high volume really catch our eye. Sometimes we look at the news driving the trading action - to see if this is an obvious one-day-only event. We then refine our lists down a few times until we have 5 to 7 symbols to tweet.

Many traders use the same or simlar methods to find new stocks to research and trade. If so, Guru Trader Tweet may save you time - which is the point. Others may use it to keep an eye on stocks that are building trends, as a daily snapshot - so that when they see a certain stock tweeted again and again, then they start looking into it.

I can't caution enough that Guru Trader Tweets and Videos are only a starting point for your further research! Some of these stocks we know absolutely nothing about, beyond their price and volume looking good on that particular day. Trading is especially tricky for small cap stocks as Market Makers can manipulate volume to make a stock appear active to attract buyers, to soon pull the volume rug out from under them.

We are just pointing out what's moving on that day, not why or whether it's deserved. Keep in mind that short sellers may also use our Guru Trader Tweets and Videos, to identify overpriced, extended or exhausted price movers to short sell - same caution, this is just a starting point for your research!

In short, Guru Trader Tweets and Videos show you where the action is that day, without any buy or sell opinion.

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Investors Guru Admin & Bulletin Board Moderator
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I´ll be glad to see al the content that you share. I´ll be visiting your channel, website, an your DailyMotion profile. My goal is to learn more about this investments.
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