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Under our Top 30 Stocks top-of-page navigation tab, you will see 3 stock-watch lists. All stock data provided is constantly updated on a 15-minute delayed basis.

The first list is Investors Guru Top 30 Small Caps. This widely followed stock-watch list previously consisted of only 10 small cap stocks, when first published in 1995. Today this is a Top 30 Small Caps Stock-Watch list and each line shows one stock's: Exchange, Symbol, Company Name, outstanding Shares, Market Capitalization, 52-Week High, 52-Week Low, Start date when we added the stock, Cost per share at that time, today's Last stock price, today's price Change, today's Volume, and G/L % or the overall percentage gain or loss since tracking the stock. Click on any Symbol for that stock's Detailed Quote - and then the tabs provided for more indepth research.

We track many small cap stocks. After considerable review of each company's fundamentals, news, charts, and the overall story, we put everything together and reduce the list to a Top 30 most attractive stocks that we want to follow. We are looking for outperformers compared to the overall market, for a variety of sectors. We want some active stocks that continue to trend higher, and some low priced sleepers with good fundamentals that seem oversold and poised to move higher at some point. We want some gold and precious metals and gems, some base metals, some energy stocks, some as direct plays on a hot trend and some as closeologies or related plays, with some more mature and producing and some that are micro-cap speculative explorers. We don't just look at mining and exploration, we look at tech stocks just as much.

Some of these stocks we may have known for years, and others we just became aware of. In March 2009 when the entire market plummeted, we took advantage of large and mega cap stocks then much lower pricing - to upgrade quality, because of the lower risk that established companies represent. Many of these quality companies had traded at many multiples of $10 - then well under $10 a share. If not a small cap stock, these fallen angels (we call them) qualified at least as a low priced stock. If the market was going to recover, we felt these mega caps not only represented lower risk, they also represented best potential to move first, fastest and farthest. Our most closely followed Featured Stocks are also on this list, with a link to their website.

If and as the market continues to recover, these mega caps will be replaced over time with more small and micro caps. You can see from our Past Small Caps list that many of these mega cap names with huge gains have already been replaced.

Our Past Small Caps list shows stocks that have been removed from our Top 30 Small Caps list. This list shows how we did while we were following them, and you can check how these stocks have performed since. Sometimes we remove a stock because we don't like a change with the company, or it could be a change in its industry. Other times we just want to lock in a gain, or limit a loss, if we see something we don't like or don't understand. Usually, when a new Top 30 Stock is added, this dictates us finding a less attractive stock to remove, that is added to the Past Small Cap list.

The DJIA Value Ranked Dow 30 Mega Caps watchlist shows the Dow Jones Industrial stocks, ranked according to the Value Stock Selector in the book www.YouAreWealthy...StartingNow.com. The Dogs of the Dow methods for picking stocks is widely followed, and this Value Stock Selector also values high dividends. However the Value Stock Selector also values the quality of dividends (by scoring a stock's dividend coverage of its earnings). It also scores a stock's relative P/E value to the Dow's P/E, and scores a stock's price against its 52-week trading range and against the price of all other Dow stocks. The 5 ratings shown, and their totaled Score, are updated on weekends.

A few years ago GM was the highest dividend yielding Dow stock, and therefore the highest rated Dogs of the Dow stock at that time. Soon after, GM's dividend was cut to nothing and later its common stock became worthless. The Value Stock selector totally negated the +3 highest score of GM's dividend because of its -3 lowest score of GM's dividend coverage - GM was losing money and had no earnings. GM's +3 low stock price was negated by its -3 relative P/E compared to the DJIA P/E. In other words the Value Stock Selector is simple to use and values dividends like the Dogs of the Dow method, however the Value Stock Selector ranked GM near the bottom - instead of the top of the Dow 30.

To some extent the Investors Guru brand was built on our Top 10 Small Caps Stock-Watch list. Keep an eye on our now Top 30 Small Caps and how we're doing lately. We plan to make our watch-lists and other content RSS-able for other market related sites and blogs etc. to show our content.

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Forum Index » Content and Applications - W5 and what's next
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