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Guru Frosh

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My Watchlist & Alerts is a Free service for signed-up members to setup, edit and view their Watchlist at our site - and to receive it by email if selected. Simply Login above, then mouseover My Preferences and click My Watchlist & Alerts.

By default, for demonstration purposes we have setup a sample watchlist of our Featured Stocks and other securities, with all price alerts initially turned off. Simply click Add Security, or click Edit or Delete under the Action column, to personalize your stock radar watchlist. Click on any Symbol for its Detailed Quote, charts, news or click one of the other research tabs.

Don't email My Watchlist is also set by default - which you can change to Email My Watchlist every weekday or Email My Watchlist just on Friday's. Then just click Update to save your emailing preference. Your watchlist is emailed about a half hour after the markets close, on your days selected.

My Watchlist & Alerts is not the same as My Portfolio. They both contain up to 30 securities and show the Security Name, Symbol, Last price, $ Change and % Change per share. My Portfolio is setup to track your current holdings, like a constantly updated 15-minute-delayed broker statement - with your separated US & Cdn. Dollar Holdings, Overall Values and Today's Activity. My Watchlist & Alerts is setup more for traders, to better assess entry and exit levels, with additional information such as the Tick, Open, High, Low and Volume. You may also set up to 2 Price Alerts per security.

If one or more of your Price Alerts are triggered, these are emailed together at the end of day - in a separate My Alerts email. Greater-than > Alerts are triggered only if the day's High is > greater-than your Alert value. Less-than < Alerts are triggered only if the day's Low is < less-than your Alert value.

Update your Alerts often, and whenever triggered, to keep this powerful trading tool relevant and to avoid redundant My Alert emails.

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Forum Index » Content and Applications - W5 and what's next
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